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Name: Remus Lupin

Aliases: n/a

Age and/or birthday: 34 years old, appears somewhat older from sickness.

Fandom/Media/OC?: Harry Potter books

Programmed Possession: His wand.

Arrival date: I will look this up...

I am...: lycanthropy infected wizard with mothering habits.


Describe your character physically. He's a perpetually scruffy man who is much younger than first glances would suggest. He's greying at the temples and in his stubble, he's badly scarred over his face and neck and hands and has the weathered look of someone who had lived a rough life. He's lean but looking healthier these days, with some colour back to him.

What does your character wear? Generally, Remus wears simple slacks or jeans and a long sleeved shirt. In the cold weather, he layers jackets, cardigans and a long cloak over the top with a hood.

That covers what they look like. What do they sound like? Voice and diction goes here. Do they speak softly? Do they have a voice raspy with cigarettes? What's their vocabulary like?

Running down the list of the five senses.... smell? Remus smells of a clean cottage, usually freshly made food and an underlying earthy smell like a dry, healthy animal.

Touch & Taste. Uh, okay there. Remus' blood tastes different depending on the moon. Near new moon, it's slightly weak. Closer to full moon, it is very rich. No matter what, it's not good for vampires, the rage of the wolf carried in it.

The fine, fine details: Remus is stronger and tougher than he should be. He heals faster than normal, especially given years of worn down health.

PB differences? More scars.


A history of me: How have they come to be the person they are? Links to established summaries of canons or characters are accepted for those of you who like to use those.

Who matters? Who are the most important people and relationships in your character's life? In or out of Taxon-- if they left family or friends behind, talk about that here. You can also feel free to talk about their relationships with the people they have met in Taxon-- who do they get along with? Who are they indifferent towards? Who would they like to throw off a cliff?

Personality & Psychology: A summation of how this person thinks, feels, and relates to other people.

Skills, Powers, Weaknesses, and et cetera: Use this space to list both 'mundane' skills (your character's a good cook, or a kick-ass shuffleboard player), as well as any 'superpowers' they may have, if applicable. Additionally, you can list weaknesses and flaws (she's phobic of commitment, he's terrible in bed...). All sorts of things can go here, including languages spoken or college classes taken.

Sexytiems: All fields on this are optional, including this one, but if you would like to digress at length about your character's sexuality/attitude towards sex/love/romance, this would be the place to do it.

Best way to meet this character: Someone's new to Taxon, and maybe their character isn't the most outgoing-- what is the likeliest way your characters can meet? In other words, what does your character do in his or her daily Taxon routine that would provide opportunities for other characters to run into them? Where can they be found? What plot hooks are good ways to get CR going for this character?


This section is to establish a baseline of both OOC permission and IC conditionals for various things that might happen in game. As always, just telling someone to 'talk to you OOC' on any borderline cases is a perfectly vald answer.

THE MIND: Can your character's mind or emotions be read by characters with the ability to do that? Do they have any sort of resistance to this? Is it okay with you OOCly? How will you designate 'thoughts' in narration? What is their mind like?

THE BODY: Is it okay for your character to come to physical harm? What sorts of invulnerabilities or resistances, if any, do they have to bodily injury? Is there anything you're specifically cool or not cool with? Are their possessions and homes available for damage, or not?

FUNKY STUFF: Is it okay for characters who are psychic or just 'know' things about your character to get information from your background/wiki/etc and reference those things in threads? Is it okay if people can 'sense' things about your character, such as auras or true species?

PRIVACY: Are you okay with characters threadhopping into your threads and posts, and/or threadjacking? Are you okay with characters reading your character's unlocked posts? Their locked posts? Will your character ever hide their presence on the tablet map?

SURPRISE!: Are you okay with your character being snuck up on, or do they have skills or powers that would make this unlikely?




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