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Remus had never intended to be a parent, until the day that Sirius showed his true colours.

He didn't think about those days. Not anymore, because he couldn't afford to break down and notice the screaming absences around him. He had long learned to put all the ugliness somewhere else, because he was a parent now, even if the little boy called him 'Uncle' and wasn't any kind of blood relation to him.

People in Staylittle were good about not paying too much attention to an apparent widower and his war orphaned adopted son. Remus avoided anywhere with too much traffic, in case spies on either side recognised him or his little boy.

But out here, they had near unlimited space, the local village for supplies and regular owl deliveries. Even if Harry would need to be taken into town sometime soon for all the mundane realities of having children. Dental, annual medical, new glasses and the like.

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Life for one Harry Potter was a happy one. He had his Uncle Moony, had plenty of space to run around in and plenty to entertain himself with. At six years old, he knew he wasn't like the other kids in the village and spent much of his time reading, talking to his Uncle Remus and exploring the area around them.

He was, over all, a very happy boy.

"Morning, Uncle Moony," he said brightly, walking into the kitchen one morning and gave him a hug.

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Harry laughed when his Uncle Moony picked him up and hugged him. "Yes! I had a dream 'bout flying on a broom," he said with a grin and tightened his little arms around him. After all, what kid didn't enjoy flying? Especially James Potter's kid.

"I finished my book last night. Can we pick out another today?" He kissed his Uncle's cheek and gave him a big grin.

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As much as Harry loved flying and dreaming about flying, Harry enjoyed reading and learning just as much. But for a five year old, that was pretty normal.

Harry grinned brightly. "Okay! I want to a book about dragons and creatures," he said, reaching for his spoon once he was sat down and took a bite. "Think we'll find one, Uncle Moony?"
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Harry gave his favorite (and only - that he knew of) uncle a smile before eating his bowl of cereal. The older he got - and he was five(!) - the more he took notice of the things around him and the things that came in and out of their lives. Such as the other people they met and were around in town and his own Uncle Moony.

"There should be lots," he said very seriously with a nod and gave him a toothy smile. "What else are we doing? Can we check on the garden?"

Not that they always had a full schedule or anything but he liked knowing.

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"Can we bring a caterpillar inside and keep it," he asked, excitedly at the thought of keeping a caterpillar as a pet. Like all five year olds, he wanted a pet to keep and have as his own. Though, he had enough maturity to know that he wasn't ready for something like a dog or a cat or owl. A caterpillar though? He could keep a bug happy!

Harry liked the garden and liked knowing the names of the flowers and plants they kept. He liked learning every bit of information his Uncle Moony would tell him and teach him.

His next pet? A snake. HAH! I'm kidding! :D

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Harry grinned happily. "I hope we can find one!" He munched happily on his cereal as he thought about about having a caterpillar as a pet. It wasn't a very exciting pet, he knew, but it was something that he could take care of!

"Okay! He will like those," he said very sage like, nodding his head then went back to his cereal. Afterward, he sat the bowl down and turned to look at his Uncle again. "I'm done - can we go now?"

He was more excited about their garden than he was about books for the moment.

He'll make a compromise - a lion? Yes? ;)

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"Do I have to get my eyes checked," he asked, looking up at him. "D'you think there's a way to fix my eyes?" Magic fixed everything, surely it could fix his eye sight, right?

He smiled and nodded. He liked that plan very much. Other than his eyes being checked. That was decidedly NOT fun, Uncle Moony.

Harry sat on the floor to tug his boots on.

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Harry took a second to honestly consider that before sighing. "I guess I would rather read without getting headaches," he said, almost reluctantly before sending him a grin. "Can we get ice cream afterward?"

Because, you know, ice cream made things better, right?

"Do you think one day I can get my eyes fixed," he asked curiously, wrapping an arm around his Uncle Moony's shoulders with a large grin.

He was a very curious boy, just like most children his age. He was glad Moony answered his many, many questions.

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Harry was a simple child, really. With a parent figure like Remus, it was easy to be so easy going about such things. That wasn't do say he didn't have his moments - he was five!

He nodded very seriously and looked at Remus. "'Cause they can't know about magic, Uncle Moony," he said and gave him a bright smile.

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Harry smiled brightly as he held onto Moony's hand tightly, walking down the street looking around the familiar road. He had been down it dozens of times but he always felt like he saw something new or different.

"When do you think we'll see Bubonem next? Will you start teaching me more things as I get older?"


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