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Remus had never intended to be a parent, until the day that Sirius showed his true colours.

He didn't think about those days. Not anymore, because he couldn't afford to break down and notice the screaming absences around him. He had long learned to put all the ugliness somewhere else, because he was a parent now, even if the little boy called him 'Uncle' and wasn't any kind of blood relation to him.

People in Staylittle were good about not paying too much attention to an apparent widower and his war orphaned adopted son. Remus avoided anywhere with too much traffic, in case spies on either side recognised him or his little boy.

But out here, they had near unlimited space, the local village for supplies and regular owl deliveries. Even if Harry would need to be taken into town sometime soon for all the mundane realities of having children. Dental, annual medical, new glasses and the like.

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Life for one Harry Potter was a happy one. He had his Uncle Moony, had plenty of space to run around in and plenty to entertain himself with. At six years old, he knew he wasn't like the other kids in the village and spent much of his time reading, talking to his Uncle Remus and exploring the area around them.

He was, over all, a very happy boy.

"Morning, Uncle Moony," he said brightly, walking into the kitchen one morning and gave him a hug.


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